Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction For 2020, 2025, 2030 & 2040

Understanding "centralization", ASIC mining, and distributed governance

ASIC mining IS (obviously) centralization. The root here is Monopoly. Where people get confused is that there are two forms of centralization, one is consensus and another is economic output.
Consensus Monopoly is debatable. Does Bitmain control 51% of BTC, all others? If they do, what have they done negatively toward that end? Aren't nodes the true (not true) deciders of consensus? If Bitmain altered historic blocks, couldn't the nodes rise up in revolt against them? While I might say these things are an issue, one can argue, endlessly, that they are not. However, not even remotely close when it comes to economic output.
By virtue of Monopoly, Bitmain is capable of winning 99% of the economic benefits created by BTC (and others). Regardless if they, individually, mine 99% of Bitcoins, the prices charged for their products should equate to 99% of future values. This can not be debated. This is fundamental to understanding monopolies. There is absolutely no room for argument, without contradicting the entirety of supply demand, monopoly pricing, economic discussion had throughout human kind.
Whereas one is applicable to Bitcoin specific, the other is a simple observation which any fool could understand. A new question could be asked however, does this matter? And here it becomes complex.
However, in short, it matters in so much as you dislike large premines, Ripple, and fanatical leadership. If someone owns 70% of all Ripple does that bother you, when it's promoted as a currency? What about 30%? Does distribution of wealth matter at all, or is this socialist propaganda? Does the extreme wealth of the 1% place others at risks? What happens to USD if Bezos, Buffett, Gates, etc, all moved to Ireland? Is it easier for Bitmain to move, to say BCash, than it is for people to move countries, citizenship, social connections, so on?
The territory of Bitcoin (eth, others) is fickle. There is little requiring someone to remain within that space. Little more than a Stock. And regardless of feeling, Bitcoin is promoted as a more distributed wealth system than USD, it implies that it does not have a 'premine' or foundation which pays others to shill Bitcoin, so at the least we can state, clearly, that these observable facts are in contradiction to the false claims made by fanatics.
However, in regard to consensus alone, it's a more complex issue. What can be used to replace ASIC? How do you prevent monopoly? How do you prevent privatized innovation? Is it good to prevent monopoly, is it inherently bad? Peter Thiel (paypal founder, big tech guy) explicitly states all monopolies are good, in terms of human benefit. This is different from economic stability, but by enlarge I agree that attempting to dissuade monopoly is a losers game. Like keeping money out of politics. What are you really saying here? In effect, one is asking people to not invent, or use money for influence. Ask all you want, but you will become the fool, in the end. Without force, alternative, etc, there is not stability, no victory.
This is where I have taken a different tact. This IS a new governmental system. One (I believe) which can become internally sustained (through iteration), and overtake prior systems by force. The objectives here are multifold:
1) To strengthen social, people consensus (annual meeting of nodes).
2) To reduce future payouts to monopolists from 18% (Bitcoin) to 1%.
3) Minimized 'foundation' risk (under 4%)
4) Develop a structured form for debate, leadership development
5) Develop a structured form for labor payouts, paid contributions
6) Develop a structured form for propaganda, societal induction
I do not purport this as a new Fiat system. Instead, this 'commodity' serves one primary function, to develop society. Not to care for everyone, but to develop (you could say) 1% of society. In future endeavors it could become expanded, but computerizing 100% of society needs is a complex task, likely decades away. In this system, it develops and rewards the 1% of people who participate in social governance and contribution (open source type projects). In return, it is my belief that our propaganda, and acquisition of new talents, could grow to such an extent that it could overcome the Chinese, American, or European empires. Not through destruction of theirs, but through the building of ours. If we build faster, we win.
The key to success is checks and balances, incentives and leadership. The globe as a whole is moving to automated governance. It will come, soon (like 2030). AI can replace all legal, political, economic systems. This is my version of a strict rule set to that end.
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Why are TruePundit, ZeroHedge suddenly changing to an establishment-justifying tone, pushing FakeNews (fact-free opinion pieces using weaponized omission, propaganda). Is it because it's a Holiday weekend and they are asleep at the wheel?

Zero Hedge has been pushing Bitcoin very hard and continues to double down on those efforts with no criticism or skepticism that it's a bubble. That's a gaslighting imho, and we know now thanks to researcher Quinn Michaels because we now have evidence that Peter Thiel runs the exchanges--which means bitcoin is not a semi-anonymous technopopulist tech but a big data surveillance platform--pattern and practice of the same people bitcoin alleges to disintermediate. Given the pattern and practice of the international police--the masons at the top of shadowy councils like CFR and Atlantic Council, one thing they do is ponzi scheme, get people to opt-in and then open the trap door. That's exactly what will happen
We also know that these outlets' tone is changing (or asleep at wheel) because they are pushing this idea that bin Salman's coup is a terrible thing that's going to create war in the ME and that we have to fight him. What it fails to mention is that the Saudi rich that were arrested were responsible for 911, ISIS and very likely the Vegas shooting. Correct me if I'm wrong but do it now before I go any further. If they (/you) want to say Salman was behind those things, we'd say OK we have a decade of proof for 'our thing', now show us your evidence of your claim its the opposite, and they'd have no choice but to turn their pockets inside out. That's why they won't do that. So far they've not even engaged a counterargument. Only George Webb has, possibly Jason Goodman but not so sure.
I believe this tone is changing because these 'alt right' outlets are being taken over by millenial dipshits who may or may not be taking soros money. I am not sure why they'd promote their material if they don't get paid, but here I am spending my time whining about it so who knows?
As it stands, we're STILL opposed, here on reddit, on YT and on the airwaves by a force of Soros operatives posing as journalists (really they are propagandists) and not real reporters. In contrast, I'm also a propagandist posing as a journalist, but here's the thing: I don't lie to you because I'm a citizen opinion journalist that is working on your behalf--that of the global everycitizen--in relative obscurity and with the only acclaim of a few upvotes, a spate of commentary, and occasional reddit gold. I'm not constricted by political ideology, belief. The only thing i care about is the truth and I believe we all deserve it. These people on blogs are being paid for their worldview. I'm not. Mine comes about as a counterforce to being bullshitted for so long and feeling infuriated that our money is being used against us through dark psychologists and covert operators. Also, I can say bullshitted because I'm writing to you on reddit and I just don't give a F. These are my true thoughts I'm sharing with you
These operatives are now trying to oppose technopopulist forces by effectively labelling them 'Republican' and then attacking them. This is the definition of straw man. The latest TruePundit article is about the Tea Party being attacked by the IRS, which it absolutely was. They were singled out in the very same way that RT is being singled out now from the rest of the US media. I'm mad because both ZH and TruePundit are posting these nasty deepstate propaganda articles and it appears to be a huge mistake
Here's where the line is moved by this newsbusters, the TEA party is not the republican party. It's a libertarian party. Libertarians are not republicans in the same way that socialist party and green party are not democrats. By shoehorning libertarians into the republican umbrella, you are again justifying the establishment, the status quo of ever-creating this false, anti-diverse, left-right dual paradigm of R and D.
We as a culture have said it loud and clear: we're done with bot R&D (republican and democrat). It's time to produce different results because the experimental phase of R&D is now over. We want the blackmailed, blackmailable psychopathic, ancient, alzheimery, sex offending pedo lawyers to jump off a cliff and let a new group of ENGINEERS, scientists, philosophers, medical doctors, pharmacists, etc be hired to represent us. Because lawyers in congress only create more laws and we have enough of them already. It's time to produce quality not quantity; and it's time we have people who are honest enough to name laws what they actually do, as opposed to the opposite of what they fool the people being represented.
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The future.

We'll see whether I'm right or wrong. Should be fun to look back on this regardless, if not for me, at least for others in the future. Might post an updated version in the future.
Black swans that would fuck up my predictions (and probably destroy civilization):
-Arctic methane release. It's possible that governments fail to prevent an Arctic methane release. If so, chaos would likely emerge, as temperatures will rise out of control as a result.
-Large natural disasters. If the Caribbean island falls apart, or a large solar flare strikes, we're fucked. Game over. What happens then is not very interesting, because we've seen it in plenty of movies, because it makes a good story.
-Bioweapon release. It's possible for a non-state actor to release a biological weapon. I believe that our only guard against this is the fact that something lethal enough to kill a lot of people would also be too lethal to spread rapidly throughout the population. An advanced bioweapon however might manage to eradicate people more slowly, by destroying their immune system, causing cancer, or rendering them sterile.
-Genetic engineering is more dangerous than we believe it to be. It's possible we severely underestimate how fragile the global ecosystem is to genetically modified organisms. The damage will be caused by the fact that humans accidentally "overpower" specific organisms, with other organisms unable to adapt rapidly enough. As example of potential problems, consider bacteria that produce chemicals that destroy our immune system, or plants that poison anyone who touches them. Alternatively, consider plants capable of fixing their own nitrogen out of the atmosphere that turn into weeds.
-Cryptocurrency adaptation. If it happens, it's likely to happen faster than anyone would expect. You wake up tomorrow, and find that the price of Bitcoin went up 50%. A Libertarian leaning hedge-fund manager announces at a press conference that he bought a large amount (100,000+ BTC) of Bitcoin. This triggers a chain reaction, with other large financial institutions now buying bitcoin as well. The public panics and masses of people now storm into the market as well. All large sites go down, and the price crashes, before rising back up as the word is out and people don't want to be left behind. All conventional currencies simultaneously rapidly drop in price.
-Conspiracy! The government of a large country is caught red handed killing a dissident or carrying out a terrorist attack on its own people with irrefutable evidence. Or, government is revealed to be in control of technology that really freaks us out. Think weather manipulation, advanced artificial (or post-human) intelligence, or mass manipulation of the publics mood. The consequences of this would be difficult to predict.
-Nuclear strikes. Someone presses the red button. Fine, all bets are off now.
-EMF radiation cancer. If I turn out to be right, and cell phone radiation is a big killer, well, we'll destroy ourselves. Our economy depends on wireless radiation now. Perhaps we're lucky, and the effects are only minor. It's hard to say.
-Infertility. Male sperm counts are declining rapidly, with no clear reason why. If it continues, well... just watch Children of Men. May be related to the cell phones.
But now, with no further ado, the timeline!
-I have no idea whether we'll see war with Syria. I'm leaning towards Europe and the US backing off, with historians in the future seeing it as the first clear evidence of the balance of power having shifted to the East, and Obama having made a giant tactical mistake by declaring a red line without considering whether he could actually enforce it or not. By the time the US is no longer the largest economy historians in the future will judge George W. Bush more favorably than we currently do, and they'll judge Obama less favorably than we currently do.
-With the release of GTA V, people will begin to recognize the problem posed by video games. Video games are creating a world that is more fun than the real world. GTA V will likely serve as a new standard for other game developers to live up to. There will be a shift, from games with a single theme, to "immersive" games, where the player is capable of carrying out just about any activity found in the real world. The enthusiasm about GTA V is mainly due to the wide variety of activities possible in the game. Video game developers will get the hint, and in practice become responsible for the development of virtual reality.
GTA V will also be seen as symbolic of a larger problem, that a mass of frustrated women are left to take care of a world where the majority of men are choosing no longer to participate in real life at all, because the men consider lying in a basement with an Oculus rift on their head to be less humiliating than making sandwiches for other people. The game will be viewed the way World of Warcraft is viewed today.
Anywhere before 2020
-The price of oil will continue to rise, but at a pace that allows the global economy to adjust to the new conditions. The use of unconventional oil will increase. We will learn to accept that traveling is expensive, and the consequence will be that people become even less social.
-The widespread introduction of cloned meat helps alleviate rising food prices.
-Some billionaire or old money family will receive bad press because they are accused of funding charities that carry out what essentially amounts to eugenics. This will trigger a public debate about the pro's and cons of eugenics.
-As Peter Thiel predicts, the education bubble will pop. Education won't disappear altogether, but priority will shift to employees who taught themselves certifiable skills through Internet courses. Employers will also increasingly be more interested in doing IQ and personality tests than in degrees, especially when promoting people.
-Computer will learn impressive new tricks. Anyone can make professional sounding music, and video-games will largely begin to program themselves, with the role of humans increasingly limited to expressing our creativity. After having abolished everyone else's job, programmers will find themselves abolishing their own jobs, by making computers easier to program. Code will be easily capable of checking itself for any inefficiencies.
-Biotechnology will grow to employ an increasing number of people. Artists will attempt to incorporate genetic manipulation into their work, but they will find no other real use for it other than to shock people. Simple traits caused by a single molecule will be easy to transfer from one species to another, while more complex traits such as behavior will be too difficult to transfer from one animal to another. Genetic research will lead to controversial findings that will bring back the topic of human inequality to debate. The implementation of new policies based on this new knowledge will be limited by our irrationality for now. We will cling to the sentimental idea that genetics are merely a minor factor in our behavior and we shape our own future.
-People will begin to learn things that we would rather not know. For a few hundred dollars, you can receive an estimate of your genetic IQ, as well as the potential range of your future children's IQ. This will mainly be the result of studies done in China. Discoveries done in genetic research in China will embarrass Western scientists, as their finding will occasionally show serious contradictions with Western research, and debate in the US and Europe will grow about the influence of political bias on scientific research in our society. By now very few people still deny the impact of genetic differences on the difference between individuals as well as entire cultures. A daring minority of people will choose the genetic code of their own children, and give birth to what amounts to supermen, which will pressure other people into doing the same. A new Neanderthal man will have been born somewhere, and we will find out whether he was smarter or not than us.
-People who don't want to work don't have to work. The line between work and hobby will blur, and the main reason people continue working will be to raise their social status. Most humans will require cognitive enhancement to make themselves useful, which will be a prime driver in human activity, as a sense of purposelessness will haunt people.
-At the same time, genetic manipulation of other organisms will be aided by computers that manage to simulate the results. People will use this to enhance the consciousness of other animals. Competing teams will aim to elevate non-human animals to a level of human intelligence. This will be defended by the fact that biotechnology has made humans increasingly vulnerable to bioterrorism, and non-human intelligence would help preserve intelligence in the event of human extinction.
-Some form of artificial greater than human intelligence will emerge. This may be machine-intelligence, if Moore's law continues to hold true long enough, but it may also be the result of taking a human brain and artificially augmenting it without having to consider the restraints placed upon our human brains by the process of evolution. I personally consider the latter option to be more likely.
-I assume there will be some serious life extension technology by now. It will likely consist of dietary supplements and/or hormones. Nanotechnology will have to wait.
-By now the lines begin to blur. The definition of human becomes more complicated than it is today. Gender as we know it today no longer exists, as people choose their gender depending on the phase of life they find themselves in, and people's cells can easily be used to create sperm cells or egg cells. Plenty of people will see no reason whatsoever to pass their own genetic code on to their children. The border between child and pet will also blur, with people raising pets with the cognitive abilities of children. The border between man and machine will be hard to define as well.
-The only practical relevance of organized religion by now is in creative works of fiction, as well as simulations of the past. We understand what causes religious beliefs and/or experiences, and how to respond to them. The vast majority of religious people prove incapable of resisting the appeal of immortality as well as cognitive enhancement.
-You will experience new states of consciousness. Consider how William Blake said a fool does not see the same tree a wise man sees. Compared to future enhanced minds, we are fools today, only capable of a limited number of experiences because of our biological limitations. You will be surprised to experience what other people experience when they observe a particular painting, or read a particular story. You will also experience completely new states of consciousness not currently experienced by any humans at all. The inevitable consequence of this will be a rapid growth of sympathy for other people.
2030 and onwards
Individuals as we know them today no longer exist, because entities have near complete control over their own memories. Bad memories are deleted, traumas are a thing of the past, and entities archive collections of memories, which together constitute a person. Entities will have multiple personalities, each with their own separate memories. At the same time, identical collections of memories will exist in multiple entities, which then begin to accrue new memories, and evolve into different persons as a result. The concept of age will no longer make sense, because entities can choose to have the mind and/or body of a teenager should they be so inclined.
At some point in time, complex simulations will be started in which every potential human mind based on genetic variations known to have existed at some point in time is tried out. This will be done by post-humans because it is the closest we can get to contacting our dead family members. There's reason to believe that we are currently ourselves part of such simulations, by future entities who want to observe their deceased family members.
Most conscious entities will eventually abandon the real world, in favor of living in their own simulated universe. In their universe they are Gods, capable of pausing and reversing time, creating any type of organism they wish and installing fake memories in people's heads. Most of these universes could have no suffering, because the Gods will program the universe in such a way that their subjects stop consciously experiencing what happens when they are raped, murdered or otherwise harmed, with no evidence of this fact visible to other entities in the simulated universe.
In these simulations, death does not exist, because every state of the simulation is archived, and thus, the God can restore any previous point in time, or bring back organisms that have died. The simulated entities could however be convinced that death is real, should the God choose to make it so.
Other entities will enter virtual reality with a mind that has been wiped clean of memories of the real world, with the memories saved somewhere else. This will generally be done to accrue wisdom, and may be a requirement before an entity can legally give birth to their own new universe. The idea of a God coming down to be tortured on a cross will no longer seem so ridiculous to us, as entities will wipe clean their own memory and voluntarily undergo great amounts of suffering, to gather memories that are necessary to comprehend how the universe used to be.
This simulating of reality will continue indefinitely, as the goal behind it is to give birth to everything that can exist. Similar to how an infinite number of numbers can exist, an infinite number of different states of the mind can exist.
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Peter Thiel on Bitcoin Peter Thiel  The Bitcoin Believer Billionaire Peter Thiel: Investment Philosophy, Bitcoin and A.I (2017) Peter Thiel Peter Thiel on why bitcoin is unlikely to be a bubble

Nachdem Cannabis-Aktien an der Börse einen regelrechten Hype erfahren haben, setzen Anleger nun vermehrt auf Magic Mushrooms. So auch der legendäre Investor Peter Thiel. Werden die Pilze das ... Future Forecast For Bitcoin (BTC) 2020 2025 2030. Published. 14 August, 2020. Bitcoin Long-Term Overview. Bitcoin opened 2018 with a high of $13,290 and closed the year at about $3,800. This represents a 72% loss overall. By comparison, the Dow opened the year at $24,824 and close at about $23,300. This represents a 6.2% loss overall for traditional investors. However, 2019 is a different ... There is another Bitcoin bull in the market, Peter Thiel. The venture capitalist has already bet on Bitcoin and the possibility for it to become a gold-like safe haven. During a conversation with CNBC, he said that he would be long Bitcoin and neutral of everything else. Dieser Meinung ist auch Facebook-Milliardär Peter Thiel. Er hat diese Woche gesagt: Bitcoin wird noch unterschätzt und könnte zum digitalen Gold werden. Sein Wort hat Gewicht, er berät US ... Peter Thiel Backs $200 Million Valuation for Renewable Bitcoin Mining in the US One company is driving its business plan straight into the “bitcoin wastes too much energy” argument and has ...

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Peter Thiel on Bitcoin

Get your bitcoins today!! Check below , buy bitcoins worth of 100$ and we both get 10$ of bitcoins -- ... Peter Thiel talks about Bitcoin at the Economic Club of New York March 15th 2018 Original Video: Tech Investor Peter Thiel Speaks At Economic Club Of New York - Thursday March 15, 2018 CNBC - Duration: 52:26. CNBC 71,562 views PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel argues bitcoin is more constrained than gold. In this interview, Peter discusses how he approaches investing and what sectors he is most interested in. Peter also talks about Bitcoin and the impact of A.I on society. 📚 Books by Peter Thiel ...